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Rock the Dots Mouse Apple Watch Cover

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Instillation instructions:
1. Slide bottom 2 feet on. Make sure they are all the way on!
2. Lay the cover flat on your watch face and press down on the top 2 feet. 
3. Remove by pulling up on the top 2 feet and then removing the cover.
This case is for the purpose of making your watch ADORABLE, and does not provide any actual protection. This is jewelry and should be treated as such. They are sturdy and can be worn daily. This should fit with most after market watch bands and screen protectors, but we cannot guarantee this. Although these are made of completely waterproof materials, these should also not be worn swimming or in the shower, just in case. These are designed to snap off and on and fit very snugly to keep them very secure. This also means they may pop off if they get caught on something and pulled hard. This is to keep you safe and to keep your watch cover from breaking. The arms should never touch the glass of your apple watch. We cannot be held responsible for improper installation. I promise it's super simple!!
Do not leave in extreme heat, such as in a hot car, as this may lead to warping of the 3D material.
We are in no way affiliated with Disney or Apple. These do contain small parts. Keep them away from children under the age of 10.

By purchasing a cover from us, you agree to use it at your own risk and waive all liability in the way physical damage to yourself or your property from PixieDustWearablesLLC